What is the Guitar Gym?

What is the Guitar Gym?

GUITAR GYM is a technique training class designed to augment your regular guitar class by giving you maximum results in a shorter amount of time. By “technique” I mean:

  1. The training of basic guitar tools such as scale playing, arpeggios, rhythm, chord vocabulary and much more. These are the tools that allow you to play the music you want.
  2. Getting your hands in shape to do the things you want them to do. The basic idea is to offer additional training to all students “in between” their regular lesson schedule. This leads to greater and quicker success in your guitar playing.

How much does it cost?

The GUITAR GYM is FREE to all current students of Dempster Guitar Studio. For everyone else the tuition is $30.00/session.

How does it work?

Any one particular technique will be offered each month as 4 or 5 repeated sessions- each session is 1 hour long. You can attend as many as you need during that month but the content remains the same. This way there will be lots of opportunities to refine your technique if you feel you need to repeat a session or two. To help us stay in training mode, there will be no discussion of your particular regular lesson content even if it pertains to the current technique.

I’m only a beginner! Is this for me?

GUITAR GYM was designed with the beginning student in mind. I should almost make it mandatory. Beginners really need this stuff to be able to play and enjoy the music they love. With the added training, you will progress much more quickly and confidently.

I’ve been playing for some time now. Do I really need this?

The training of technique never really ends. I have found that every guitar player benefits from technical training- just like weight training. Did you ever happen to notice that even really BIG weight lifters continue to train? They do it to maintain their skills and to continually enjoy the benefits of training- mostly that they just feel good and especially confident. I’m assuming you want to feel good and confident as well when you play

When is it offered?

The GUITAR GYM is offered on Saturdays from 11:00 am- 12:00pm. A maximum of 8 students can attend any session . You will need to sign-up for the session only to keep the session numbers under control.

To sign up all you need to do is email the studio to confirm you wish to attend.  If I reach the max. number of students, then you can still attend another Saturday during the current topic.

…it’s about training – not talking about training!

Hope to see you there