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In over 20 years of teaching, I can honestly say that the number one complaint of beginning and intermediate guitarists- after the typical struggles with making and changing chords- is that they feel an even deeper struggle with the whole idea of strumming and rhythm in general.  If we agree that rhythm is the life-blood of music then our struggle with it (as reflected in our troublesome strumming skills) is a BIG problem that needs fixin’.

There is a strong myth in the student ‘guitar-world’ that each song someone wishes to learn has a specific ‘canned strumming pattern’ and that part of learning a song is to be shown how to strum that pattern.  This approach requires that a student always be shown a strum pattern by a teacher, a DVD, the internet or a friend.  I do accept this perspective but only in the very early stages of learning guitar.  You must not stay there too long.   

The downfall of this approach is that the student is always at the mercy of “others” in order to strum anything.  Eventually this behavior of always relying on someone or something to show you how to strum simply becomes an unnecessary habit.  And so the myth continues unquestioned- until now!

A far more musical approach is to help a student of guitar actually learn the general thinking & skills of strumming and then apply that knowledge toward developing his or her own strumming solution for a song.  In other words, you won’t have to wait for others to always show you how to strum.  You can actually figure it all out yourself.  I’m guessing that’s what you really want as a guitarist- to feel fully musical and not just as a musical robot copying what others have shown you.  And when you do get that feeling, you are FREE- and what a feeling that is.

So in order to really strum freely and with confidence, the ONE KEY SKILL you need to develop is…


Think of it this way:

Do you have to wait for someone else to tell you what to say next?  Of course not!  You have the skills of your native language to figure this out yourself.  Music, at its best, should be no different.  If you have in place the skills of rhythmic awareness you also won’t need someone else to show you how to strum.  Music is a language too!

So, if you are finally ready to build the confidence you need to strum your guitar based on what you know- RHYTHMIC AWARENESS, rather than what others show you-CANNED STRUMMING PATTERNS, I invite you to download my FREE e-book Guitar Strumming Decoded: It’s About Rhythmic Awareness.



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Guitar Strumming Decoded

What will you learn From This e-Book?

  • The underlying mechanism for strumming- HINT: It’s easier than you think.
  • For you to be good at strumming, you must realize that rhythm must be felt in your body FIRST– then it will come through your guitar.
  • The 2 BASIC STRUMMING MECHANISMS (BSM) that make up 90% of all the strumming you will do.
  • Your ability to manipulate the 2 BASIC STRUMMING MECHANISMS will create all the strum patterns you need to feel confident and be able to create  more elaborate strum patterns when you are ready.
  • That you are fully capable of deciding how you will strum your guitar to a song without relying on someone else.  A little extra knowledge and a little training will help you get there.