Office Hours


Office Hours is all about “checkin’ in.  Typically, there’s a lot of time between guitar lessons for students to learn bad habits or even “practice making mistakes”.  I often say “how you practice is how you will play”.  So if you are spending many hours in between lessons practicing a lot but actually doing things incorrectly, then you’ll get better at those things (doing them incorrectly that is).  Not a good situation.  It happens more often than I care to say.

So Office Hours gives students a chance to call in via ZOOM and ask questions, chat with other students and have their current practicing habits evaluated.  This way we can make sure that in between your lessons you’re playing things and thinking about things the right way so bad habits don’t form.  Hey if people can attend hockey lessons 3 times a week why can’t guitar students have some kind of access to the same thing- frequency of exposure that is?