I Know How You Feel…

As a young player myself I had a big problem. I was mystified by how guitar solos worked. How does anyone put all those notes together all over the fret-board and make it look effortless? In my world, I only knew of major and minor scale sounds (basically the standard Do, Re, Me, Fa, So,La,Ti stuff- don’t worry if you don’t know this). Any attempt I made to learn a rock solo NEVER really sounded right using these scales. I was clueless and frustrated.

Sure, I found some of the notes and put some parts together by ear-(a very good activity by the way!). And in those days guitar magazines/books were few if any and certainly NO INTERWEB-oops I mean INTERNET existed for the public.

Then, a friend of mine that I had been jamming with fired off the solo section to the tune My Sharona- he had only been playing for about 5 months while I had been playing for 4 years. How did he do that? I wanted to be able to do that! I wanted to feel good about doing that! To me it was very, very COOL. So, my friend gave me the name and number of his teacher and in a few short months I was on my way to playing the same solo. That very good teacher made a difference in “ramping up” my skills in a shorter period of time than I alone could accomplish. That teacher helped me to get rid of my frustration. So, I needed help to get the results I wanted.