Workshops & Special Events

Worshop dates vary.

Students will be notified whenever a specific workshop is offered.


Strumming Decoded

Strumming a guitar is the single most frequent activity you will do as a guitarist- you’d better make sure you are good at it! Join our flagship program Strumming Decoded to get the training you need.  $257.

Guitar Chord

Chord Chemistry

Chords are more than shapes!  They are like molecules made up of atoms- or notes as it were.  If you know this stuff you’ll never again need that “1001 Chord Book”.  You will simply know how to build a Cminor7 chord.  Join us in the Chord Chemistry lab as we learn all about chords.  $127.00


Beginning Improvisation

Improvising, or the act of making musical stuff up in the moment, is considered by many a mysterious process.  “Poopywoggins” I say! You improvise, in one form or another, each and every day of your life using tools you’re already good at.  Same goes for music. Join Beginning Improvisation and kick the mystery to the curb.  $127.


Chord Progressions

Did you know that a lot of popular music relies on knowing the power of chord progressions?  While a chord progression is simply a specific arrangement of chords in order- much like a sentence, certain progressions have gained popularity over time.  Their popularity enables song writers to re-use and exploit these progressions making songs that we simply always seem to like.  Join us in Chord Progressions as we explore classic chord progressions that you could use for your next song.  $127.00


Fretboard Freedom

Let’s face it, most guitarists spend little time understanding their fretboard- afterall it does appear pretty featureless.  There is, however, a very logical layout going on such that once to “get it” you’ll move more freely along your fretboard.  Join us as we explore the underworld of Fretboard Freedom. $127.00


What Key is that in?

Do you know what that means?  Should you know what it means?  As a musician this concept of KEY (i.e Musical Key) is critical. Basically it’s simply a very logical organizing principle that helps us understand how the sounds we make relate to each other.  Think of the KEY of a sond as a frame around a painting. Come and join us as we explore the idea of KEY in What Key is that in? $127.00