STOP Using "Canned" Strum Patterns...They're Killing Your Creativity!

If you have been playing guitar for a while, you might be noticing that your strumming is all beginning to sound the same…because you’re probably using a few “memorized” or “canned” strum patterns over the songs you play.

There is a much more MUSICAL way to learn strumming once you understand that there is a logical underlying structure to it.

This FREE GUIDE will introduce you to that structure…so you’ll be able to create your own STRUMMING SOLUTIONS that reflect the FEEL of a song. Intrigued?

Thank you so very much for all you have taught me steve. I would never have turned into the guitar player I am right now if it were not for your teaching.  Three years ago when I came desperately looking for advice with my jazz band charts I would never have imagined what I could possibly do with the guitar…I have expanded my horizons of guitar playing, composition and even my musical taste and for that I am forever thankful. Nicholas Kulik

Former Student

Stephen is able to take complex subjects and explain them clearly to students at all levels of musical knowledge and playing ability.  Moreover, he helps students use what they learn to actually make music. Alex MacPhee

Information Technology Manager

Student Testimonials
Reid and his sister Morgan have been taking lessons since June. Stephen is a great teacher; he understands what they need to be challenged and inspired. We respect his talent, skill and knowledge. He can offer so much to anyone wishing to learn guitar or add to their guitar playing skills. You Rock, Steve!! Leslie Morgan

Home School Educator

I really like how you teach.  I have taken lessons before but none like yours.  Others would teach me to play a tune, you teach how to play the guitar.  Very happy! Phillip Young


To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I needed to learn, but knew that Stephen had been highly recommended and I didn’t want to blow this opportunity…. Understanding the theory behind the music, gave me the freedom to explore the whole neck of my guitar, and awakened my appetite for composing melodies. I credit Stephen with “getting me hooked”on making music! Many thanks to you Stephen! Joanne Butler


…your excellent melding of the technical and the artistic is for me, and I suspect a great number of others, the most meaningful instruction to be had. Dan Tanner

Retired RCMP Officer

Our Mission

At Dempster Guitar Studio we strive to help guitarists understand the connections of important musical concepts – concepts that many players may have often heard of but don’t necessarily understand how one well learned idea can help in learning another,related, idea more quickly and efficiently.  You might call this process “Musical theory” but really it’s just the logic of building a strong musical foundation of ideas that enables you to better understand more complex ideas later – and most importantly, without feeling overwhelmed in the process.

In addition to raising the standard of general musical knowledge, we also place a strong emphasis on developing Rhythmic Awareness.  We believe rhythm to be the most central quality of all music and as such deserves deep attention and training within guitar study.  Doing this will help to develop all aspects of guitar playing.

We accomplish rhythmic awareness through a host of current and developing programs designed to enhance the student’s “Individual Lesson Experience” including workshops, song circles, jam sessions and ensembles.  Essentially giving each student the opportunity to grow musically in a variety of fun and social environments in addition to individual guitar lessons.

Play it Right.  Play for Life.